Gorgeous 11MW bioenergy plant in Leeds will sort 214,000 tons of waste each year

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Leeds will soon become a hub for the energy-to-waste economy thanks to a new Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility built by Veolia in Cross Green. The new plant will generate energy from 214,000 tons of waste collected each year from black bins in Leeds. The building, designed by Jean-Robert Mazaud of S’pace Architects, is expected to open in six months.

The local community in Leeds and other stakeholders have confirmed the final design of the plant and commissioned Jean-Robert Mazaud of S’pace Architects to design the new Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility in Cross Green. Based upon the use of glass and timber framing, the building is expected to reach 42 meters in height and include a visitor center and a green “living wall” on the southern facade to provide biodiversity.

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