How to Build Rocket Mass Heaters and Stoves

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This beautiful cob mass heater  is custom  made with Cob for this home.  It is a non moveable permanent fixture, not quite as efficient as a rocket mass heater, but nearly so.  I am often asked if it's okay to install a rocket mass heater in a home.  I would say usually no due to weight, codes and restrictions.  If you have a concrete slab floor, can get a code variance, and cross your t's and dot your i's appropriately, then you might give it a shot, all that cob or mud is very heavy, and not a good idea for wood.  If you use it on wood, prepare to put lots of support under it as if you were putting two concert grand pianos on the floor in one spot.  It's much easier to build it into the construction design as you build a cob, mud, ferro cement, strawbale, or earthbag type of home, or anything with a concrete slab floor.  

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There are so many different personal styles and ways to build them, which is both wonderful and amazing!  


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