I Dream Of A Rocket Mass Heater This Winter.....41 Fantastic Views

Categories: Heating / Cooling

There's nothing better in the winter than knowing you can heat your home for two or three days of residual heat off nothing more than a handfull of twigs.


This first fantastic design by Jon Santiago  http://jonalejandro.com , builder in collaboration with Julian Irusta and El Manzano Permaculture School.

The design concept of the rocket mass heater takes the heat of the flames and runs it along through a mass of cob that heats and retains the heat to slowly dissipate it into the home.  

Creative liberty can be taken without end.  To each his or her own design idea.  Think of it, and bring it to life!

Rocket Stove Oven by Jon L Hayes, Warrnambool, Australia.

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