It's Cold Outside! How Well Does A Clay Pot Heater Work?

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We have all seen this clay pot heater idea cycling around for about a year or two, and it has been tried by many.  This is a great video that shows a decent setup, and gives a great idea of just how effective it can be without actually sitting in front of one to feel the heat coming off of it. 

Have you tried it?  What was your success?

All you need:

  1. Four tealight candles per 5 hours of use
  2. A 5" or 6" clay pot for the bottom
  3. An 8" or 10" clay pot for the top
  4. Some Tiles or something to set it on
  5. A lighter to light the candles
  6. Be Careful When Using Fire So As Not To Burn Your House Down!  Consider That Children Around A home-made contraption may knock it down.  

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