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It is an18cm batch box rocket /7.2m2 ISA/

So I've been asked about the materials list for this stove and about the performance of this particular heater. Today, after the stove has been completely dried out, we filled the stove full and now I have some numbers to share.

List of the material used
90kg of fire clay,225 kg of sand,5kg of fire mortar,330 pc of red bricks,fire bricks large/30x15x6.5cm/ 14pc,fire bricks small /25x12.5x6.5cm/ 45pc,fire proof insulation 2.5cm thick 6m,4pc of cleaning doors,concrete slabs 100x25x5cm 9pc,concrete slabs 100x25x8cm 2pc,barrel 1pc/used only 3/4of it/
about the performance/The stoves been slightly worm from fire made 15hours prior to time this measurements been taken/
fire started at 11h55min
temps of barrel temps of gasses inside the elbow

11h56min 66C 56C

12h00min 71 265
12h05min 75 319
12h07min 87 357
12h10min 89 350

12h15min 94 337
12h26min 91 309
12h 35min 88 229
12h55min 81 184
That is a circle of one full load made with SOFT wood.  The surface temperatures of the mass varied in between 45C-55C.
Hope this will help someone.


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