Off-Grid Solar Powered Hobbit Home - Kristie Wolfe Tells Her Story

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Beautifully stained chess table

The home is completely off-grid, and the power system consists of three 100 watt solar panels, an inverter, and two 6-volt batteries. Water is delivered to a nearby water tower that feeds the home, while waste goes into a septic tank. A gray water system filters and redistributes waste water to the grass. Heating comes in the form of a propane fireplace in the living room.

“We made the building super sturdy to withstand the weight of being buried,” explains Wolfe. “2×6 studs on 12-inch centers and 3/4-inch marine plywood. Then we wrapped the exterior with Certainteed ice guard and house wrap and also used a moisture guard insulation by Certainteed as well to combat any water issues we might experience being underground. There’s also a French drain around the whole perimeter. Plus since there a heap of soil on all but one side it is incredibly well insulated and super quiet inside.”

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