One Family Builds A Very Normal Home That Is Off Grid: The Sustainable

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“The Sustainable” tells the story of how Tom and Roberta Stock built a home on the plot of land they fell in love with, which happened to be a mile away from the closest power pole. When they first looked into getting electricity out there before beginning construction, the power company threw them a figure that was far outside of their budget. Determined, they explored their other options. In their search for a more cost-efficient solution, they attended a solar festival in Burlington, Vermont. They discovered that the cost of installing a solar/wind energy system in their home would cost them about half the amount of having the power company run power poles and wires to their home, only to then have a utility bill every month. Living off the grid was a no-brainer.

They chose to orient the house towards the sun in a way that the sunlight comes into the home through the large windows on the south side and hits the black slate tile floors, which then heat the home with their geothermal energy.

During the summer, when the sun is higher in the sky, the direct sunlight does not enter the home through the windows. Some of the other topics he discusses are the monthly maintenance, how the batteries bring in the power from the windmill and solar panels, what happens if there is no sun or wind, how people can retrofit their on-the-grid homes to be more sustainable/energy-efficient, other ways they heat/cool their home, and where/how they saved (and still save) money. The Stocks live sustainably, affordably, comfortably, and most importantly, happily.

Tom passionately expresses his knowledge on the history of energy, energy companies, energy consumption around the world, methods of sustainability used around the world, his frustrations with the country’s consumption and wastefulness, as well as his ideas and optimism for future generations.

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The Sustainable is a 20 minute short made by Justin Cerone.  Justin has partnered with us here at offgridquest as his Documentaries uncover the trials, the excitement, the hardships and the joys of people who are Living off the Grid.  The Sustainable will be shown in film festivals around the world.  If you are an event coordinator, and would like to see it in your local film festival, please contact us at  Television network inquiries are welcomed as well.  We will announce scheduled showings as they approach so everyone may have the chance to go see it.  

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