Andrew and Shawna are $2400 In To Their Tiny House Build

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This is My fiancé Shauna and Me, and this is our off the grid cabin we have been building for the past 4 months

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About a year ago we made the decision to move out into the country and attempt to build our own home and eventually homestead. we purchased a 1984 27' motorhome from craigslist for under $3000 and moved it onto the property to stay in while construction took place

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we chose the ideal home site

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and began clearing a leveled area for construction

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using mostly shovels and the help of a four wheeler and dump trailer we dug down to level the space for the cabin to go

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we drew up a rough sketch of the cabin based around 6 large windows that i salvaged from a construction job in Roanoke, VA. we then sold the four wheeler and purchased the lumber to frame the cabin and completely dry it in.

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all of the labor has been done by us and our generous friends and family who believe in us and what we are trying to accomplish

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So far to date, we have spent $2400 on materials. We recycled all the windows, doors, showers, kitchen cabinets and more!

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we also found a great deal on solar panels on craigslist and purchased two 235watt panels as well as two industrial deep cycle batteries

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we have been purchasing little pieces of the system here and there as we can afford it, but don't currently have electricity in the rv. we spend our free time reading books to each other and playing board games by candle/torch light

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now that all of the windows are in we need to insulate the walls and ceiling, and also need to put in a wood stove. The Rv that we still currently live in has little insulation at all and the inside temperature at night is often below freezing; the only source of heat is a small propane buddy heater. this winter has been pretty harsh with the cold snaps of arctic air making their way down to our neck of the woods on occasions. With the winter months my construction job has hit a standstill so our ability to progress with the cabin has haulted as well. If anyone out there close (Floyd VA) by has a few unused supplies like some insulation, a wood stove, or some type of cool creative heater, we're open to suggestions or a little help.
Or Just .... c'mon Spring!

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