At Auction, He Bought This Parcel Of Wooded Land. He Later Discovered A Little House In The Woods

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Imagine you have just purchased a nice parcel of land. You got a decent loan from the bank, with wonderful interest rates and just decided you needed a few acres to yourself.

You suddenly hear that there’s a tax auction going on, and you see that many of these parcels will be selling for well below what they’re worth. You finally end up purchasing a half-acre of wooded land for a really good price, and once the deed is in your hand, you decide to go check it out.

The man in this video claims to have bought the half-acre of land for a mere $300 at a tax auction back in 2002. So imagine his surprise when he arrived at the newly purchased land, only to have a neighbor tell him that there’s an abandoned house in the middle of the woods!

Problem is, the parcel is land locked in the woods among 50 or so acres of forest, so he had to get permission and find the best way in.

He decided the best way to see the Virginia property was a bird’s eye view, so he attached a camera to a remote-controlled drone and got to recording! He flew the drone up in the sky and hovered over to this bizarre structure. 

Covered with thickets and growth, this house looks tailor-made for a horror movie set. The only information on the small house is that a man used to live in it during the ’60s.  

That’s about it… Judging by the trash near the house, the man in the video states that this property doesn’t seem to have been touched for at least 30 years. Definitely spooky!

What would you do if you found a tiny house in the middle of your land? Would you want to go in and check it out? Try to live off the grid? 

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