I bought the parcel yesterday. I had seen the cabin from a distance up til today.

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"Yesterday I traded the recently acquired parcel (nearly 15acres) across the street from the cabin to acquire the adjoining parcel of 5 acres. This puts all my land onto one side, gives me two more entry points, plus the little shack I have always admired is now on my land. Instead of being a tiny shack, it is in fact a fairly well built one room log cabin. it is still sturdy, has a wood floor, and a porch, or perhaps it was meant to be a greenhouse as no door leads to it directly from the cabin. You would have to go outside, and turn left to enter that part of the structure. On the other side of the coin, it was a pleasant surprise to come home and find tomatoes red on the vine, ready to eat, and enough green to have a batch of fried green tomatoes for dinner last night." ~Barbara Lambert


So from a distance the little shack had always seemed tiny....actually it is a well constructed log cabin, with what looks like a porch addition, only the door is not on the porch side, so maybe a greenhouse? It could be made live able with a little work.

I walked up to, into and around it today. Also found a corral on the property. Also gained two more entry points, one with a gravel, and one with a gate.

I could feel water nearby, but have not found the well yet. The power pole is right on the boundary line, but would not cost much to run a line to the cabin, though I would prefer to use solar power there. Hmmmmm...the possibilities!

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