Who Wouldn't Want One? Time To Transform Arctic Life!

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At first, the igloos were built block by block, the old Inuit way, but that took a team of five people two weeks to build just one 8-foot-wide and 8-foot-tall igloo, and they could only open the resorts at the end of January. They had to come up with a faster way, and found balloons were the best option. They filled up these big balloons, covered them up with snow and waited until it hardened, then simply deflate the balloons and voila, perfect igloos. But that’s where the serious work starts – artists are brought in to carve the lounges, the snow furniture, beds, decorations, etc. An entire Iglu-Dorf village now takes just two weeks to build, and considering they make igloos as big as ten meters wide now, it’s quite an improvement.


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