Off Grid Log Cabin In The Wilderness With Tiny House Is Fantastic!

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 We have the most amazing off-grid paradise inQuebec Canada, about three and a half hours from the Vermont border.   unnamed.jpg With 6 million square feet (137 Acres) of land to enjoy, there is room enough for privacy, to build, to play, to enjoy, for family, for time away from hustle and bustle...   and this is our lake where we built our cabin from the trees. home 2.jpg   It is as natural and beautiful as you might dream, and the seasons and their colors here hold nothing back in transforming the seasonal hues. home back.jpg The inside has been painstakingly handcrafted to masterful reminiscence of a lodge, and where every window brings the outdoors close to nature, the hiking, the fishing, the wildlife, and the fun of being off the grid!    log interior.jpg Yes we did this before it was popular on the internet.  Now knowing what we know about supervolcanoes and earthquakes, the possibilities of a meteor striking the earth, or an E.M.P. disabling electronic devices across a nation or around the world.... here, when disasters strike abroad, you might not notice.  The world feels bigger when you're connected to the land. natural log.jpg There's such a fad and craze on tiny houses, but we have one, and it's been here for a while.  When guests come to visit, it's a great place to put their things, and lay their heads.   home shed.jpg We wanted to keep it 100% peaceful and natural so we never installed electricity. Groves of maple trees are perfect for all the syrup you could ever dream of.  It is also possible to build on the land.  Easily accessible, the cabins and lake are at the entrance of the property.


Staying warm is easy with the woodfire stove cooking meals, and when need be we can strike up the fireplace for extra cold nights

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