26 Visions Where Mankind Let's Go, And Nature Begins To Reclaim

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Off the grid is a term we use to describe one of many scenarios of detachment from things that bring connectivity to masses of people.  What happens when those things become detached from people?  They are left in the hands of nature... not just off the grid, but separated from humans.  They become ghostly relics that mimic a history of a tale, adn are only brought back to life when people decide it's time to bring them back.  Until then, these places are not just off the grid... they are over the edge

1.) Reflections at an abandoned institution.
David Pinzer


2.) A bus being silently overcome by Mother Nature.


3.) This quiet old mill, nestled in the Bavarian Forest in Germany.
Kilian Schönberger


4.) Sand dunes that have overtaken houses in Southern Namibia, Africa.
Marsel Van Oosten


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