Earth Home Instructor Brings Her Vision To 'Completion'

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Sasha Rabin is an amazing educator in natural building.  She has been doing it, and teaching the craft for a long time.  You can find her workshops in California at or at  Her cob workshops typically teach you to build with several methods to include earth bag, earth tube, strawbale, and just plain cob.  She does specific workshops on rocket mass heaters as well, and teaches some of them at the Cal Earth Institute.  She recently returned from Africa, there also teaching about Earth Shelter Construction.

Sasha has been in the process of building her own home recently, and shared a few photos of her beautiful creation: 

She shares the credit with those who contributed:

"I have so much overflowing gratitude for all the peoples whos hands when into the creation of this little home. I am grateful for both the physical help they offered, as well as all the joy they brought to the building process. I am sure I will only manage to conjure up a fraction of the names of the multitudes of people who helped, my apologies for anyone I am not remembering in this very moment. I am sure I will remember and add more. Thank you: Natalie Bartlett, Zeya Schindler, Paloma Luz Wyatt Clark, Becca Kennedy, Sonya Perrotti, Michael Rabin, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Sifuri, Jack Thrift Anderson, Melissa Anne, Chloe Rose, Danielle Brehmer, Ryan Spaulding, Victor Eisenman, Jessenia Eisenman, Dan Cunha, Zach Michelson Claire Winzenburg Nicholas Holmes, Lasse Holmes, Brenton Kelly,Leslie Jackson, Paul Swenson Julie GaNung Antony Dashevsky, Lloyd Anderson, Guner Tautrim, Rachel Pariseau, Jeremy Powell, All the folks from VISION, and Wilderness Awareness School, all the people from the various PDCs, John Cole, Jan Smith, Merilee Bradford....and so so many more. Thank you Ryan Spaulding for the beautiful photos!

"Finished is always a relative state, and something that I have never fully achieved, but sometimes I get close. Here are the most recent photos of my close to finished house."

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