Tiny House Build With Andrew And Gabriells Morrison

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Strawbale.com's founders and educators Andrew and Gabriella Morrison are leading the U.S. in the implementation of strawbale home construcion.  They schedule workshops throughout the year where for each workshop, they assist the builder with their construction process, and for the final phase of construction, the strawbale part, they host a workshop with numerous individuals who are there to learn, yet make up a massive team of builders.  Those who advance to a keen knowledge of understanding of the process are issued "Strawbale Certification" for their abilities. 

Recently, Andrew and Gabriella made a life altering decision to buy land and build a tiny house.  Here's an interview they conducted with Jeff Golden on Immense Possiblities followed by photos of their amazing tiny house:

So these two got busy and started building a place all their own that is paid for and debt free - what a great way to be!


And here's their beautiful front door entrance:


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