This Little Office Was Made To

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Published on Jul 28, 2014

When brothers Tyler and Shaun Bratt began building a structure in their front yard they had plans for a sauna, but mid-build they decided they’d prefer something more practical. 


Hundreds of hours later, they finished a hand-crafted portable office for their construction company (Bratt Brothers). With hooks embedded in the living roof, the shelter can be moved by crane and flatbed. Though since it costs $1,000 per move, they try to leave it in one place as much as possible.  

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Right now, it’s parked on a bit of vacant space in Tahoe City, CA and after two years of permitting work, the Bratts hope to legally use it as an office soon. In the meantime, they’ve spent the odd night in the space (Shaun assures it would make a decent tiny home though at the moment it’s furnished with just a draftsman’s table and wine refrigerator). 






The "office" is rusticly styled similarly to the beautiful homes and lodges they build.

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