What This Couple Did After Getting Fed Up With Their Mortgage Will Make You So Jealous!

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Because of the size of the house, some things needed to be scaled back. You’ll notice in the bathroom that the sink is recessed. Also the ceiling in the bedroom is sloped, which may make it hard for a taller person to stand up all the way. 


If you look closely at the pillows, they were also reclaimed. Some of them are made from burlap bags that were used to carry many pounds of coffee, but now they act as a comfortable place to lay your head.


This couple really paid attention to detail when they were building this tiny house. In the kitchen, some of the drawers are made from wooden fruit crates. Even the little white end table, was reclaimed from an old wooden door.


The construction on this tiny house lasted from October 2012 – January 2013. They were able to design and built it so quickly with the help of their friends and family. 


As you can see in this picture, the sink is further back in the wall, but this definitely allows for a bit more space in the bathroom giving it a larger feel. 

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