16 Amazing Log House Kitchens You Have to See

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I love log houses. I make no secret of the fact that I plan for my next house to be one. I’ve been surfing the web for years making notes on awesome layouts, designs and decor for log cabin houses. Since I love to cook, the kitchen has always been one of the most important rooms in a house to me. And I wanted to share some of the most awesome ones with you below.

I scoured the web to find the actual sources and designers of the below. I hate when I find a picture on the web and can’t find where it came from (argh!)… so, I made sure to find you the actual sources!



This kitchen is amazing. From the floors to the cabinets to the windows to the amazingly awesome fireplace and mantle – this log house kitchen is modern but still gives you the cabin feel.

This log kitchen was designed by Lands End Development (their kitchen portfolio is here). They do everything from complete home design to remodels of existing rooms. You can check out all their services and work here.


Only one word can describe this insanely bright log cabin kitchen. OMG. If you’re in love, but asking yourself how someone can possibly afford this, you might feel a little better to know that this isn’t someone’s personal kitchen.

This kitchen actually belongs to a vacation cabin rental in Gatlinburg, Tennessee that sleeps 34 people! If you’d like to see more pictures of the cabin (and they’re all amazing), you can check out the vacation rental listing for the cabin here.

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