46 Cozy Nooks And Places That Take Advantage Of Tiny Little Spaces

Categories: Home Stylings

Sometimes you encounter unusual spaces in your home designs... where there's not quite room enough to add a whole room, but with a little punch out into a piece of the attic, a beautifully creative space can be discovered.  And there's something so special about a tight little sleeping nook, that you find a great way to make a space invite you in.  When you come home and see this, you just want to go there...

This first example is an insert... call it number 46.  It came from such a beautiful and quaint little place in the country, I had to share it as well:


There are manly ways to do it too... hehe
In fact, there are so many different ways to make use of different little odd spaces, that I think you will find this post both inviting and inspirational! I look forward to what you've done with your little spaces.  Please do share with us by clicking the "tell your story" link in the top right corner of this page.  



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