Family Of Four In A Barn For A House And A $3600 Renovation (3)

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Upstairs, the bedroom. The fan is an existing piece, installed by a previous resident.


The outdoor shower remains, though inside Gash added a full bathroom inside with a vintage claw-foot tub he found on the property.


Gash holds daughter Stella in the entry. The main barn doors have been sealed so a short, 5 1/2-foot-tall access door serves as the main entrance. 

barn house 9Their "American Gothic" moment: Corey Gash, partner Krista Wallace and daughters Lilly, 4, and Stella at the rear of the barn, clad with rusted corrugated metal.

Total cost of the renovation: $3,600. "And $1,800 of that was for the living room sofa and chair," Gash says.

The designer says he and his family are happy with their new barn home, especially now that it's fixed up.

"Sometimes we just sit all together on the sofa and watch the afternoon light filter through the kitchen windows," Gash says. "The space may be a bit unorthodox, but it's an honest space filled with honest furnishings. I believe there's beauty in flaws."

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By Barbara Thornburg - L.A. Times

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