Oasis in the Desert: Beneath The Boulders Of Joshua Tree

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The visual that comes to mind when I see this... dry, no water, desolate..desert, and you'd be right.  It's a dry place most of the time.  But even in the desert, an off grid build can be easier than running power all the way into the middle of nowhere.  But in the past there was no other way, so power companies ran power to everywhere, even to the middle of nowhere.  Maintaining these types of properties and the infrastructure for power lines has often been burdensome on power companies.  With solar and wind power solutions coming our way, as much as it seems to be competition for mainstream power, in situations like this, it will alleviate some backcountry non-profitable situations to let them just go off the grid.  Sometimes bringing lines is can cost far more than will ever be generated by the usage of a small structure.  

Cabin near Joshua Tree, California.Contributed by H. Knorr.

 Cabin near Joshua Tree, California.  Contributed by H. Knorr.

Enjoy the desert... It is a beauty all it's own...  Video 1 of 3

This is available as a rental in Joshua Tree... click on the first picture to go check that out:

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