One Man's Idea Of Digging A Home: Underground In New Mexico with Ra Paulette

Categories: Home Stylings

If you stumbled upon Ra Paulette’s cave (yes his cave) deep in the heart of New Mexico, you might think you’ve discovered a cave hundreds of years old — used for some unknown reason by people in the past.

However, if you wandered into the great expanse of it you would most likely discover Paulette, chipping away at the earth, like he has been doing by himself for the past 10 years with only his dog to keep him company. From afar, the outside is fairly discrete.

   The pictures taken from a little closer, however, are truly a hand chiseled, carved, and sculpted wonder to behold. 

Paulette is “through working for other people.” He wanted to create something that would last, that would be useful, and be completely his own  

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