Contain This! 15 Amazing Shipping Containers Used As....

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Shipping Containers are much more than just a fad now!  As you can see, people have realized all over the world that the cost of a used shipping container is much much cheaper than the cost of fabricating steel walls, and they are plentiful everywhere!  There may be an old container laying around that is no longer sea worthy, but it has a new purpose in life! 

They are built to be transported, and that makes it easy to get them to Anywhere in the world.  Put in doors and windows, and it's cabin frenzie au containeur!

They stack and pile em any way you design, and the creativity is endless!  Hotels and apartments, bungalos, condos and suites, underground bunkers, basements, shooting ranges.... you name it! Here they come!



gal housenightquik-house-lg




quick-shipping-container-house-4rio-20-un-climate-conference-shipping-container-homes-exterior 54411 600x450



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