Don't Feel Sorry For Them,... They Wanted It Small Like That! One Couple's Adventure

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Over the years, house sizes in the United States have been doubling. However, couples like Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller have been realizing that size isn’t the most important thing about where you live. Instead, they, and others in the “small house movement,” know that efficiency and green living can be more important. Together, they decided to do something mind blowing – even though it is tiny. They built a house together.

Christopher and Merete had no building experience, but they knew what their foundation would be… literally.

tiny house transformation

Nonetheless, they decided to build their dream home.dream house

And it was going to be tiny.

tiny house construction

It look a lot of trial and error, but the couple kept an open mind.wooden house

Their little house could go almost anywhere.

motion house

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