Unique Fairy Tale Cob Cottage Is Available To Visit And Be Inspired

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Most people have always dreamt about a big house, so when you start talking about a small house, or tiny house, they're not sure what to make of it. We have all taken vacations or gone camping, and we all seem to get by just fine.  But what is it about the smaller efficient life that is so nice?  Well for starters, if you save an extra 30 minutes of putting things away every day, and you save 20 minutes just by not walking so far around the house.... and then you save an extra hours worth of cleaning every day.  Then you save 10 hours of work per week worth of utilities, and you save 10 hours of work per week worth of house payment, not to mention the yard work and cleanup and lawn maintenance, you might just find yorself in a place where you could work 10 hours per week, and maintain a lifestyle that is simple and dreamy with no stress!  And That's what it's all about!


Featured in numerous books on natural building, this cottage is a welcoming and cozy retreat hand sculpted of local, sustainable natural materials located on a lovely acreage with sheep, gardens and orchards.


If you are looking for that lifestyle just for a bit... to taste it and try it and see how much you like it... 


And in case you might want to see just how sweet it might be to stay in a cob home, and explore the construction for your own project to come...


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Head out to Mayne Island BC Canada, just to the East of Vancouver Island. 


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