This Use Of Pallets Will Amaze You! Gertopan House in Paraguay

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In terms of the use of free pallets, this has got to be the wow factor of taking the use of the free acquisition beyond the norm... this beautifully pallet covered patio with enclosure brings depth and dimension with lighting with an appeal that is fabulous!  But the idea to begin with was to do something inexpensive with the space.  There is a bit of steel work which was not easy,  and the pallets required the time of labor and a lift to put up, but the materials were free for that part.  The garden trellis looks fabulous with just a couple of greek pillars, and the use of some reclaimed beams.... take a walk through and see for yourself.  I find it inspiring! 

pallet cover.png

On the rooftop is the hangout...well see for yourself...

pallet cover2.png

pallet cover3.png

And doesn't someone always find themselves jealous of the person in the hammock?  Yup... let's get a few extras hung in here...

pallet cover4.png

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