Any Kind Of House That's This Close To The Water... Must Be Fantastic

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So you wake up every day, and if you start your motor and move, your scenery changes.  There's no lawn to mow.  If you want a place to walk or hike, you stop ashore and go.  I suppose if you ever grow tired of filtered water and fish, a time will come where you must go ashore and buy something to eat  (or trade for fish).  I suppose you could kick up a sail and save on fuel, or run a little battery powered motor to move around.  

 But the reality for most people of time on a houseboat is simply that of a vacation.  And oh what a vacation it can be!  



There comes a point in life where vacation starts a trend

When the busy things in life are coming to an end

You get on to the water, with your reel drop a line,

and suddenly life changes... it takes up all your time.


So what started as vacation becomes a lifelong trip!

  Bills become a nuisance and you couldn't give a rip, 

You find a boat to live on and spend all of your days

To make up silly songs and simplify your ways,


Where houseboat comes ashore and lifts on up and out

It's safer from the winds and from the rains no doubt,

And when the passing clouds are parting to the sun

The power meter lights up and the things begin to run.


The referigerator cools and the toaster browns the toast

Never a watt or joule one dollar do they roast!  

I suppose that means that with your boat you'll need a piece of land

A dock that raises up the boat ... it needs a place to stand


With land comes a county in a particular state

So take your choice wisely to find you someplace great!  

Don't want too much taxes and dont want too much codes

But simply want enjoyment and you hardly use the roads...


Don't want to get in trouble when you reel a fleet of fish

You've got to feed your belly when you cook that Angler dish!

So head out to the mountains, or head out to the coast

Whatever suits your budget, what ever floats your boat

You've got to find enjoyment, you've to find your space

You've got to get the hella out....  of the rapid race...

lyrics inspired by these pictures copyright David Webster 1/11/15

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