This Home In Has Some Unique Features For Jungle Living

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We began with a popsicle version of our home to see how it would go together:


We lived in this hut while the house was being built. It acted as our living room, dining room, and bedroom - complete with a little humanure station outside under the blue tarp. No plumbing, but it held the solar and satellite Internet. 9 months in that 10x10 box. Never again. 

However, we were able to keep a close eye on the house project from here resulting in execution higher than our expectations.


This unique home in beliz has some interesting features, and for off grid life, has conquered some of the issues of living in the jungle. Check it out:


We will always want a home on tall, cantilevered stilts. Keeps unwanted people/critters out, keeps rain away from the foundation, keeps us high & dry, keeps a tinier footprint in the jungle space...


Crawly bugs dislike soap water, so all points of access between the earth and home have been protected by mini "moats" that we replenish a couple/few times a months. It takes 10 minutes each time, but it is totally worth it! WE OUT ENGINEERED THE JUNGLE! Few tropical homes have less insects than ours, for example. 99.99% of the time, we don't see ants. When we do, it because we left the drawbridge down overnight for these nocturnal rabblerousers - their one point of entry.

 And Here She Is:  The Dream A Reality






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