41 Purposeful Homes That Solve Real "Issues"

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The options that one considers when designing, remodeling, or adding onto a home are limitless. Today we scour the internet for ideas that help us to downsize, make better use of space, be more efficient, to fulfill a long life dream, to make us more comfortable, to ease our pain as we age, to make room for children as our family grows, to make room for unexpected guests, or any number of other possibilities.  Here are just a few to get your mind to wander in search of what might make your life a little better:

25 Of The Best Space Saving Design Ideas For Small Homes

And then here's 16 more:


Boring bunk beds are so out of style, especially now that built-in bunk-rooms are gaining in popularity. These spaces make it fun for kids to have sleepovers and play with their friends. The bunk beds can be built with any theme, and they can be designed with fun ladders and even slides to get down from the upper bunk.


There’s no reason to carry around a dustpan when the baseboards can suck up the sweeping pile! When you are remodeling your home, consider the integration of vacuum baseboards to provide sweep inlets throughout the home. Save your back from leaning over to sweep up the pile, and let the baseboard central vacuum system take care of the work instead.


Another popular house was designed to match the cartoon home in “Up.” With bright pastel colors and interior furniture to resemble the motion picture, you will feel like you just stepped into a television adventure. Be careful, don’t tie too many balloons to the roof or the house might float away!  Here's a link to the real life reconstructed up house story.


Install several smaller refrigerators in the kitchen instead of one large one.  With lower energy usage models, and less energy expelled when a fridge is opened, you can reduce energy bills, and achieve a convenient "sorting" of refrigerated goods such as:  drinks in one, wine in another, food in yet a third.



If you dream in pink and love all things from the Japanese company Sanrio, then this Hello Kitty house might be the home of you have been searching for! The interior and exterior of the home look like they came right out of a cartoon, and there are many design features that exhibit the style of Hello Kitty, including the furniture and paint colors.

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