Sneak Peak: Off Grid Strawbale Cabin

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Porch Roof on Off-Grid Straw Bale Cabin

This sweet little cabin is tucked away in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, and it will be decked out with straw bale walls and clay plaster this summer by The Year of Mud crew. Eventually it will have a small off-grid power system and be a comfy little outpost in a beautiful patch of forest in Kentucky.

From The Year of Mud:

"Work is about to pick up again on our friends’ little off-grid straw bale cabin (code name: Chanterelle Shack). Thankfully, all of the roofing work was finished before the cold and wet of winter really set in. The roof was a challenging proposition, as the building itself is an octagon. Making an octagon has to be something like 4-8 times more difficult than a simple rectangle with a gable… goodness. The octagonal house also has a big ol’ porch that extends off three bays, as you can see in the first photo.

As it stands, we’ve got the framing and roofing fully finished, and before our July Straw Bale Workshop, we’ll have to get the stem wall totally complete. The stem wall itself will be earth bags faced with stone. The earth bags will get the straw bales off the ground and high and dry, and the stone facing will protect the earth bags from UV damage."

Well, here are a couple more photos from earlier last year to finish things off here.

Off Grid Straw Bale Cabin

Raising the center post in the straw bale cabin

Roofing the octagon house

Tim and Jacob get the roof ready for metal

 Source:  The Year Of Mud - check out their cool site and workshops!

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