Some Warm Cabin Love Right Here Yall

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When you feel the outdoors at your beconing call, you tend to be more relaxed, more ready to do something physical like hike, which makes you healthier and stronger than city dwellers.  I grew up in the mountains.  Everyone else was a flatlander.  This is how it begins.  There's no going back.  Now you have turned a corner, and you've become a mountain boy like me.  That's what you get for reading all these posts.  Guess What?  It's now popular to be a Redneck. Ha!  

Redneck + Solar =  Living Off The Grid

Don't worry, it's not a bad thing  ;)


Wake up in there!  It's time to go snowboarding!


Okay, so I'm a roofer... and that's what I notice here... needs a roof



Toasty Warm



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