Subterranean Living

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This Next Story is quite the opposite scenario of how not to live underground, yet the physical and thermal protective properties of underground life are undeniable. This story makes me cringe for several factors, one the displacement of peoples hard work and homes, and two the fact that they didn't seek out mainstream help. But sometimes people want their independence.  It's hard to live outside of the norm, outside the system.  Most property belongs to someone, so setting on property that's not yours means you're encroaching on someone elses land, and that's bound to cause problems.  


KANSAS CITY, Mo. —Kansas City police uncovered an underground suburb used by the homeless on the city's northeast side.
KCPD uncovers subterranean suburb on northeast side 25
2.jpgImages of an underground suburb used by the homeless on the city's northeast side near Interstate 435. The camp was broken up by Kansas City Police on Friday.
"This one kind of goes back," said Kansas City Police Officer Jason Cooley.
KMBC's Haley Harrison reported that a homeless outreach group said it was unlike anything they've ever seen. The subterranean refuge has caves and tunnels.
Harrison was with police as they went in to break up three homeless campsites near Interstate 435.
"The tents over here, I can guarantee you they're still lived in because of the condition they're in. They're clean. They were more than likely used just last night," Cooley said.
Police were evicting the homeless because of the squalid conditions.
"We're working to find out if in fact they've got kids down here because this is not a safe environment for that," Cooley said.
Cooley told Harrison that he first went to the area because of a rash of crime. Police said copper thieves have repeatedly struck a nearby grain mill, most recently swiping a valuable piece of equipment and now millions of dollars worth of grain is in danger of going bad.
"By providing help for these people in this manner, maybe they won't feel the need to go out and steal because they're getting services they need to be able to live and survive," said Cooley.
He said opportunities for help are currently available to people.
"My understanding is you can go to Hope Faith every day and take a shower and take advantage of their services," said Cooley.
Cooley reminded people at the camp that they had a deadline to be out.
"I don't believe he'll take advantage of the opportunities. So he probably will just move on to another place, unfortunately. But we can't make. You know, we can't make him," Cooley said.

















this story source:  KMBC Kansas City

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