Tiny House, Tiny House, Is There Room Enough For Me?

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This tiny house is kind of your standard design.  It's built on a heavy tandem axle trailer, so it will definitely handle some weight if you install cabinets and a fridge, generator, etc, but the heavy trailer costs a bit too.  It's got panel siding, three windows, and a front door.  Installing a cute porch on the front will add to the appeal.  It's those accents that transforms the "shed" apearance to something more.


A tiny house is big enough for one maybe, two .... with a squeeze.. but for the kiddos... nope, don't think so.  I suppose you could have one for each kid, and pull a bunch of train-car tiny houses behind you if you want to tote the whole family around... but why all the hubub? 

Call it a credit rebellion.  Banks don't issue credit like they used to, and an entire sector of hard working class people lost their credit in the housing collapse.  To this day, many of them have not recovered, and many don't plan on it.  They seek out other ways to avoid having it happen again.  One of those ways is to do everything you can cash as you go.  No more giant mortgage.  Interest rates are low, so it's great when you can finance, but so many still can't qualify for anything. 

This basic shell is available in Tulsa for about $6800.00.  You can email offgridjourney@gmail.com with your phone and email if interested.  Put "Tiny1" in the subject.

With this you can be ready to make it what you want it.  Considering that tiny houses are going at up to $80,000.00 these days, this is a fun way to begin.  This one is made by a builder who can finish it out in all sorts of ways if you need, add solar and wind power and a battery bank, or not.

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