Tim & Hanna's Affordable DIY Self Sustainable Micro Cabin in Tahoe

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Tim and Hannah's Affordable DIY Self-Sustainable Micro Cabin
Name: Tim Eddy and Hannah Fuller
Location: Tahoe, California
Size: 196 square feet
Years lived in: 1.5 years; Owned


Hannah grew up in a home her parents built (her father is a boat builder), so it was only natural for her to follow in their footsteps. Tim, on the other hand, has never built anything but fires. With that in mind, Tim and Hannah started out with 20 acres of land and no blueprints, and built one of the most impressive little houses — not to mention it's fully off-the-grid.


Tucked away amidst a dense forest and surrounded by wildlife, Tim and Hannah's tiny cabin boasts a storybook view of treetops and purple-bluish mountains. You'd never guess it's only 15 minutes to town. The cabin is connected to a private road by a 100 yard trail, which their friends helped clear. It was only after a few steps down the trail that I spotted the vibrant colors of the cabin: warm wood shingles against mint green siding and a bright orange roof. Upon closer inspection you'll notice the craftsmanship, as if human hands carefully put each piece into its place - and in fact, that's exactly how it was done.. And the interior is just as impressive, covered in cedar wood from ceiling to floor. It felt very new, very clean, very honest.


The cabin's modest footprint meant the couple had to create smart storage solutions and keep only what was needed. Tim and Hannah have learned to live with less, while also becoming super organized. Everything in their home has its place. They made use of hooks and vertical space by hanging most of their belongings and stacking.


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