Tiny House Jumpstarts from $10,000 for a shell house

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If you've been keeping up with us with regards to the tiny house craze, you'll know there are lots of good reasons to begin like this.  If you haven't yet found a place, don't have credit, or are ready to ditch credit altogether, you can build a tiny house without the need for codes, and make something that is energy conserving, self sufficient, and capable of parking in a small space to live.  You still need a place to put it, so you'll have to use a little ingenuity.  If that means that you need to help some farmer milk his cows to get a free place to park, then so be it.  Nothing like hard work to get what you need.  I'm always looking out for you guys to find a deal that makes it cheaper, or makes it easier to get started.  If you've been looking at Tiny Houses, the empty shell option here is really cool for you builders:


This little tinyhouse in the 16 ft long (128 sq ft version) can be had for  $35,595.00 and built with some of your own custom stylings and colors right here in the middle of the U.S.A by America's Tiny House Co. Branson, MO. 




This same version is available as just a shell.  That means, walls, roof, trailer, one door, and one window for only $9995.00.  That is for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to put in their own cabinets, bathroom, kitchen, interior siding and insulation, and loft areas.  That is a simple cabin price available for a limited time.  If there are enough do-it yourselfers out there, this might become a regularly offered option.  For now it's on a trial basis to see how much interest there is in an unfinished version.



Bigger sizes are available:  Ad $4,000 for a 20 footer (160 sq ft), or add $7,000 for a 24 foot trailer (192 sq ft) for finished versions.  (inquire about pricing for unfinished larger versions).  These guys are pros and can do any kind of custom work you like as well.  

The boys are busy building, so please send your contact info to Offgridjourney@gmail.com if interested, and mention tiny house, and they'll get in touch with you shortly!  Be sure to mention composting toilets, solar power, etc if those are things you would like to see on the unit.

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