I Dreamt Of A Home That Was Powered By The Sun..... And This Was What I Dreamed

Categories: Home Stylings


When I was designing and building 1750 Will Geer Road my goal was to build a house with both passive and active thermal efficiency for a more comfortable and economical operation. During the summer the temperatures range from 90 to 110 degrees in the day and during cold spells it can drop to 32 degrees.

The large glass doors and windows are all dual pane with both over to keep the sun out in the summer and shutters which can be raised or lowered as the sun swings around. Most of the walls have two 6” walls with 12” of space between them. Both walls have insulation and the space between them has vents to reduce any heat build-up.  

The roofs have insulation ranging from R-18 to R-24 depending on the joist height. They are painted with white and silver reflective paint to extend their lift and reduce heat buildup. The solar heating for the pool also shades the roof from the sun. 

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