Built into the hill and tornado proof in Oklahoma

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I hopped out of my car, and went up to knock at the front door.  Noone home today.   I couldn't wait to see inside.  Sadly, nobody home today.  I'll talk to their friend again and see when a good time to visit might be.  


A beautiful view 


I can't wait to discuss how they keep the moisture out, and to see how deep into the hill it goes.  This, being on the north east side of a hill makes it impervious to most tornadoes which come from the south west in Oklahoma.  Cool Stuff!  And I heard there are a couple more similar places around here.   This is the way every home should be built in Oklahoma.  

The beautiful grass and drive.  


Yaay!  After posting the initial story, the same day, a follower of the page tagged the resident, who then found our facebook page.  He graciously uploaded this cool picture of the kitchen:


We friended on facebook yesterday, and I came back by and met Mac, and we had a great time talking about the place... Click on to see my pictures of that visit:

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