Watch As This Piece Of Land Becomes The Most Efficient Of Homes.... Underground

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(3 pages) 3/1/15  by David Webster

When one buys a piece of land, and plans to live there, there are a million different ways one could choose to occupy the space.

Ever so often, someone comes along with a vision... an idea... that could transform the way we build and live today.  This is one of those kind of ideas....

The property took 18 months to build. Over 5,000 tons of soil was excavated in the progress, with enough replaced on top of the build to hide the building out of site from prying eyes. 

To allow as much natural daylight as possible, the house has a 45-foot long south facing expanse of glass. This light serves the kitchen, dining and living areas. All these areas open up to a sunken courtyard, taking away any claustrophobia that could come from living underground.

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