Welcome Home! I think I could live in a tree house!

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A rope bridge over a small pond leads to a unique structure nestled into a grove of trees. The Bensfield Treehouse is a very small house built around a very big oak tree. This isn’t a treehouse in the sense of actually being supported by the tree — it does have its own foundation — however it is raised above the ground on stilts and has the oak tree growing up through the middle of it. Wood shingles and vertical board siding help it blend into its surroundings.


The Bensfield Treehouse was one of the first treehouses built by Blue Forest, a company specializing in constructing elaborate treehouses and similar structures for hotels and private clients. It sits on a farm in the Sussex, England countryside.


The bridge brings visitors to an entry porch with a set of French doors opening into the living space. The interior is one big open room, with only the bathroom separate. Upon entering, the tree trunk is one of the first things you’d notice, located as it is right in the middle of the rounded floor plan. Also eye-catching is the ceiling, rising in a shallow cone overhead. At the far side of the room, another door leads out to a sun deck with views over the surrounding farm pastures.

Although now used for vacation rentals, the Bensfield Treehouse has everything needed for full-time living. There is a full kitchen built along one wall, complete with a gas cook-top and a dishwasher. Next to the kitchen is a three-piece bathroom with shower. In cooler weather, a gas-fired central heating system keeps the small space warm....

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