Living the Polynesian Dream: Off Grid Land and Yacht for US$39,630

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Off-grid, self-sustainable living on the island of Hunga is the dream come true for those who seek solace on deserted sandy beaches, a deeply sheltered mooring set amid the glittering lagoon, a swim with the gentle Humpback whales and their newborn calves as they pass close to shore or exploring the many caves and history-laden shipwrecks within the coral islands atolls. The dense “bush” or jungle forests boast an array of fresh fruit trees and fragrant blossoms, and the warm salty waters provide a haven for over 100 different types of tropical fish, giant clams, marlin, manta rays, sea turtles and spinner dolphins.

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Two waterfront plots of land on Hunga Island:

lot 44 (900sq m) & plot 45 (758 sq m / 8,159 sq feet) of home building area with 750 more sq meters (8,072 sq feet) of water frontage safely situated above the inter-island sea below, all with stunning views of the Vava’u Island Group. 99yr lease with H.H. Lord Fulivai - with 98 years remaining.​

Vava’u is Tonga’s northern-most island group consisting of 61 different islands crested by coral atolls and waters of crystal-clear visibility for up to 30 meters.​

Antares - the 1964 33' Pearson Vanguard

(specsheet can be found here: )​

The Vanguard was designed at the beginning of the mass-produced fiberglass boat age. Boats of this period were designed as if they were going to be built of wood but were built of fiberglass instead. Since no one had a clear idea of the strength of fiberglass, the designers and builders stuck as close to wood scantlings as feasible. This resulted in a thick hull, known dimensions for a desired boat length, and a conservative approach to the entire project. This vessel is well known for her high level safety, durability and steady sailing. Worthy of mention, the owners have 2 mooring spaces for their boats in the lagoon near the wharf of Vava’u-Hunga.​

The Antares was also recently “imported” to Tonga, meaning the yacht does not have to leave the country every 11 months, i.e. she has permanent residence status! This leaves successful viability to rent her out on platforms such as as a bed&breakfast or for a venture in chartering/day sails. 

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