Buses Transformed Into US$28 A Night 'Love Hotel' Rooms

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Turning old buses into affordable 'love hotels' has turned out to be a big hit with young holidaymakers in China.

The lodgings are designed having the young couples in mind, finding a home away from home inside an old, public bus.

The exterior of the buses may still look old and abandoned, but they are anything but unattractive on the inside. More than a dozen old buses are parked in a tourist hotspot in Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi Province.

The couples can have the entire bus for themselves, with the vehicles parked permanently and conveniently near their desired tourist spot.

Prices start at an affordable 200 Yuan (US$28) a night for rooms, which have been decorated based on themes such as popular animated characters including Hello Kitty and Doraemon to attract many young holiday-goers.

Young travellers are especially drawn to the 'love hotels' as they believe it is not necessary to fork out large amounts of money for a few nights of comfortable lodgings - and the bus hotels offer a perfect option. 

Reports said there is now a growing demand for the 'love rooms', and more than a dozen more buses are now being converted into these holiday homes.

Some of the interiors are designed with families in mind as there are bunk beds as well as spacious social areas within the buses

via DailyMail

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