Nest Micro Cabin In Finland

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If we were to ever build a tiny house, it would most certainly be a secluded cabin in the middle of the woods. Somewhere we could get away from all the nose and distractions of our daily lives, and really unwind. Something like the Nido (which means “bird’s nest” in Italian) Micro-Cabin in Finland.

Located in the middle of the wilderness, this hidden retreat was designed and built by owner Robin Falck – and it didn’t even need a building permit. Seeing that it spans only 96 square feet, the micro-cabin is able to fly under the radar of the Finnish building regulations.Themulti-level dwelling features the living space, kitchen and bathroom on the ground floor, while a 50 square foot loft is situated upstairs. There is a massive window to allow natural light to enter, and a beautiful deck for enjoying the scenic surroundings. Within 2 weeks,Falck had the entire thing finished (aside form a window and a door). Now we just need to get our hands on some building plans for this space.

"In 2010 I wanted to build a place of my own. I found this beautiful slot and I set out to design a compact get-away for myself. I also wanted to maximize this small space, use local/recycled materials and build it myself. " 

"In june that summer I started building my cabin. It took me two weeks to build it (only thing missing was the door and window which arrived a week later). "

"The angle and size of the window gives the interior a lot of natural light, you can even admire the stars during the night. I wanted to welcome in the beautiful surrounding. On the first floor I have a lounge area with a micro-kitchen. The 2nd story loft is for sleeping and storage. All the materials are local or recycled and carried to the spot by hand to keep the nature untouched. When I was done with it I named it Nido (italian for 'birds nest')."

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