A Hotel Room With No Walls! Wait, What?

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Look what I found!! Personally I love the idea, the sky is your ceiling and the beautiful mountains are your room. I might worry about peeping toms though.

Walls and ceilings are overrated, especially when the weather outside is perfect. So why even bother staying in a standard hotel next time you take your annual trip to the Swiss Alps? Instead, you and a lucky someone can shack up under the Swiss stars in this luxury bed, complete with an attentive butler to cater to your every need.

Known as the Null Stern Hotel, which is German for “The Zero Stars,” this design comes from Hoteliers Frank and PatrickRiklin, who set the “hotel” up the hill from the Swiss town ofGraubunden. There’s no walls, no ceiling, no bathroom, no building to speak of actually. And the amenities are few and far between as well. You’ll have a double bed, a nightstand, and lamp.

There’s a public restroom just a ten-minute walk away. The price? A surprisingly reasonable $254 a night. Not a bad deal considering you’re completely surrounded by nature 6,463 ft. above sea level. It’s available for booking every night between spring and fall. 

via NullSternHotel

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