A Self-Powered Microgrid Apartment Complex Is Going Up In San Francisco

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These four fine residences represent an evolution of design and convergence of technologies resulting in true Carbon Neutral Living and Transportation.

San Francisco's first ever Passive House condominium apartment complex is rising in the Mission Creek neighborhood, and amazingly, this über-efficient 6 story building doesn't just conserve energy through a tightly sealed building envelope, but it also generates and stores so much energy it will function as its own 'Microgrid. The owner and developers Lloyd Klein and John Sarter of Off The Grid Design are excited to be building one of the first Passive House Certified Net Zero energy condominiums in California and one of the state's first Microgrids as well.

The building will be considered a ‘microgrid’ because it is actually detached from the main city-wide San Francisco grid and instead powers itself and stores its own electricity in batteries; meaning that “if the electrical grid of the city goes down, the building will stay powered", says Sarter. Followers of green building technology and resilient design are excited to see this groundbreaking project go up in the north east corner of San Francisco's Mission district, and hope it will inspire future innovations in building design.

The Sol-Lux Alpha building, as the developers call it, is a luxury 4 unit condominium project at 685 Florida Street in the Potrero side of the newly dubbed “Mission creek” neighborhood of San Francisco (sort of the border between the north east Mission District and Potrero Hill). The building is currently being constructed, as you can see in these construction photos below, and is expected to be complete in spring 2016.


Each 1760 square foot unit is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom floor plan. Both Klein and Sarter are optimistic that the building will even get close to “Net Positive Energy” due to all the energy efficiency measures employed.

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