Shipping Container Time Lapse Construction, Benefits, And Costs

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hoist.pngWhat is it that is so great about a shipping container structure?  Well most people don't consider just how strong they really are for one. The average metal shop has a 29 gauge roof on it which is .0135 inches thick.  The walls of a shipping container are made from 14 gauge steel which is .075 inches thick.  That's about  5 and a half times thicker than a metal roof, and about half the thickness of the average tornado shelter.  Considering the stoutly crane.pngbraced and corrugated construction, a closed shipping container is likely to withstand an f5 tornado as long as it is attached to the ground and cannot be tossed into the air.

hoist 2.pngWhen used for construction, any weaknesses against that f5 protection would be those created by openings made for construction, and how you choose to reinforce those openings.  The supports and braces are far thicker than the walls of the container, since it has to withstand the forces of being stacked many layers high, and the stress of being hoisted.  

Technical Specs On Shipping Container Construction PDF

A shipping container can be purchased in Dallas for $1900.00.  In Tulsa for about $4000.00.  Delivery is usually by the mile, but if you want to build with it, you should coordinate a crane to be there to hoist it from the truck to your foundation or piers.  It may be wise to let the shipping container company coordinate the crane for you since they likely have a good relationship with a crane operator for deliveries, and can save you money.  

hoist 3.png

If you are building out in the Ozarks, you should have one delivered from a cheap location rather than locally if it makes the most financial sense.  It's worth calling around.  


I called Midwest Crane Services here in Tulsa.  A rough cost of crane rental for a two container installation, we estimated a 1hour commute to and from a destination outside of town, and four hours on site.  It would cost under $200 per hour with one crane operator.  So that means you do your own rigging.  You can pay a little extra for a second hand to do that.  So that's about $1200.00 for the job if you can get it done in 4 hours.  The above time lapse installation took 3 and 1/2 hours.

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