Beautiful Basket Woven Home Design: Light of Shodoshima

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Beginning in 2010 in Japan, a festival of art, music, drama and dance, called the Setouchi Triennale began with a schedule to occur every three years and has a packed calendar of events occurring on multiple Inland Sea islands, many on Naoshima. The 2016 schedule is spread across three seasons: spring (20 March to 17 April), summer (18 July to 4 September) and autumn (8 October to 6 November).

One of the exciting Highlights of the 2013 event, called Light of Shodoshima (小豆島の光) by Taiwanese artist Wen-Chih Wang was this locally grown bamboo woven house design which featured a variety of events which included an orchestral ensemble performance inside!  

This was the second time around for the first version:  "House of Shodoshima," was built by Mr. Wang in 2010.  The first version lasted for two years, but the second, only about a year before nature took it's course, and it needed to come down.  

It is so mesmerizing to look at, one can only wonder and want to see what will be there when we visit this year.  This expectation brings visitors from far and wide to the event, and is part of a tribute to it's success and intrigue.

"Now, all we can hope is that Wen-Chih Wang comes back in 2016 to build a third version of House of Shodoshima / Light of Shodoshima." says Setouchi Explorer

The boats from Team Ogi are performing a "boat dance" on the opening day of the Setouchi Triennale 2016 on Ogijima:

Here is Mr. Wang's creation at Woodward 2015 in a time-lapse video assembly:

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