The Blob Home - A New Take on the Tiny House

Categories: Homes / Dwellings

Hanging out in something called the “Blob” may not sound exactly, well, exciting. But we promise, it’s actually pretty cool.  Initially designed as an extension to a house, The Blob was relentlessly rejected by the local building regulations. In the attempt to overcome boundaries and limitations, dmvA designed this mobile unit.

Being a mobile construction and also a piece of art, this blob managed to avoid the building codes that are so strict. This smooth looking egg resulted after a work that lasted for 18 months. Its egg-like shell is definitely bringing back memories from Woody Allen’s film “Sleeper.”

AD&C started the entire project with the building of a timber frame, that was eventually covered up with a fabric that stretches and then plastered with polyester that was going to be sanded over and over again until it got to the right shape.

You can access the space either through the front or side door that pull up and niches lighted by LED's helped with building up the inside space.

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