The Bubble Hemp And Lime Shelters: Cozy, Warm, and Long Lasting

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This is one of the many tiny hemp and lime bubble shelters designed and built by Evelyne Adam of Kerterre. After making a simple geodesic type timber frame, hemp or straw is coated in a lime and sand mixture and moulded onto the frame leaving plenty of scope for artistic creativity.
A small team can build a bubble shelter in about two weeks.

The smallest of these tiny homes can cost as little as 500 Euro ($520). In fact a home like this could last a decade if the lime shell is thick enough and correctly mixed. Evelyne's own bubble shelter is seven years old and holding up well. Evelyne was looking for volunteers to help build seventeen more bubble homes all over France between April and October 2015, details here (in French).

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The warmth of style and cozy allure of the structure is sizeably akin to a native teepee, yet the solid siding is better insulated and protective of its inhabitants, and will last for many years to come.

Above photos are snapshots from the below youtube video:

Enjoy the video (below in French) where Evelyne gives a tour of her homes. You can stay in some of Evelyne's bubble homes to decide if this type of shelter is something you would like to build. She builds them up to 4m (13ft) in diameter and sometimes joins them together for a larger space. This may not be something for living in permanently but it can be used as a tiny base shelter while a more permanent natural home is built.

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