There Are Entire Villages Up For Sale in Spain - And They're Going Cheap

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According to an estate agent there are around 2,900 deserted villages in rural Spain

Similar villages in the same region are being sold for as little as £50,000 which includes a three-bedroom main house along with five other buildings

At £50,000 the whole village costs £200,000 less than the average house in the UK, and £350,000 less than the average flat in London

Another village is being sold online for £75,000, the same price as a parking garage in Battersea or a two-bedroom bungalow in Bognor Regis

These pictures show the village of Pena Vella, near Pontenova, one of many similar clusters of homes that are now being sold.

A similar village in the same area is being sold for just £50,000 and comes with a three-bedroom main house, five other buildings, a fresh-water spring, and 140,000sqft of farmland.

According to estate agent Rafael Canales there are around 2,900 empty villages in rural Spain, the majority of which are bought by middle-class couples in their 50s or 60s looking for somewhere quiet for their retirement.

The semi-abandoned village has a watermill and is situated in 20,000m of land

Fallen silent: Abandoned millstones sit among the rotting wooden machinery

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