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Henry David Thoreau, the (maybe not quite so) hermetic American writer and thinker has inspired everyone from Martin Luther King Jr. to Ghandi with his writings on civil disobedience, but thanks to highschool teachers ubiquitous assigning of Walden as reading material he may be best known for his writing about living in the woods. And that that seems to be the inspiration behind the architecture firm CC-Studio naming this dwelling the Thoreau Cabin.

Located in the 5,900 acreNoordepark in Utrecht, a city in the center of the Netherlands, this cabin serves as an update to an older break shelter built for park maintenance. Two large sliding doors open up the corner of the cabin made with wood, corrugated steel, and glass – opening up into a large space with a kitchen, a table, and washroom for workers to warm up during the winter or cool down on hot summer days. Large windows, light wood, and a fireplace all help to keep the space light and comfortable in any kind of weather.Theoreau wishes he could have had such a nice place to call home.

A rebuilt shelter

Sited in the 5900 acre Noorderpark in Utrecht, the Netherlands this cabin provides a warm and dry escape for wet and tired volunteers that maintain the park. The 35 m2 cabin replaces a 1966 storage and break shelter for park maintenance, and was built without permit as it maintained a similar size and function.

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